Lipolaser & Auto RF Slimming Beauty Machine, 40K RF 6in1 Ultrasonic Body Shaper


Please note that the 40KHz Capitation attachment is not included/missing. Not Included / Missing. Powerful explosive fat, crack fatty cells, deliquescent adipose, reduce the amount of fat cells. Vacuum Bipolar RF handle. Make fat cells in fast active state, so that cells will produce friction heat, then surplus fat break down and discharged out of […]

Lipolaser 40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Vacuum RF 8 Pads Body Slimming Machine


40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Vacuum Radio Frequency Laser 8Pads Lipo Laser Body Slimming Machine for Spa(Button Models). The laser penetrates the layer of fat making fat from adipocytes (fat cells) pass into the interstitial tissue and is eliminated naturally by the body. The treatment session lasts for 10 minutes per zone and recommends a weekly session […]